On Tuesday, February 6th, 2017, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, active an authorization Tuesday that eliminates the Municipal Court’s banknote band affirmation for assertive low-level offenders who contrarily would be affected to sit in bastille due to getting clumsy to allow a bond.

The Atlanta Mayor stated, “… It makes no budgetary faculty to authority anyone in bastille over a $500 bond”.

According to the abounding reports, afterwards six hours of accessible animadversion and agitation Monday afternoon, the City-limits Council accustomed the authorization 13-0. The band band industry itself appeared to be the capital adversary of this law during accessible comments. However, citizens abundantly accurate this effort. Sure, the bail-bonds industry may lose a little money, alas, families will be safe from the racketeering arrangement that our acknowledged arrangement has become!

Like in all affairs of the law, we accept to bang a antithesis amid alternative and security; Protecting the analytic rights of men and their properties, while not creating monopolies that alone the affluent and the governments themselves can accept or allow to participate in. That’s the botheration with our accepted acknowledged system. The acknowledged arrangement is a adored socialized “gun” that we use to point at one addition in a “civilized” courtroom. However, it doesn’t accomplish association any fairer or safer if that aggregate use of force can alone be afforded by assertive groups of people. Namely, the acutely poor who can affirmation to be “indigent”, or the acutely affluent who can allow the best attorneys or to pay off judges. It is the common who has no remedy. They don’t authorize for low-income exceptions, and they cannot allow a acknowledged aggregation of their own. Where do they go?

The acknowledged industry and the for accumulation bastille system, nicknamed the “Prison Industrial Complex”by many, allowances the accompaniment departments, judges, bastille investors, band bondsmen, lawyers, and badge admiral searching to accumulate their allocation numbers up. However, this array of “for profit” acknowledged arrangement creates addition hurdle for the poor searching to get a leg-up.

Public urination, active on a abeyant license, an contributed cartage ticket, simple control of marijuana, – these are not accuse alike with alarming abyss who may abscond the country or state, they are alone “infractional” petty offenders. To authority these humans on a bond, who apparently can’t allow the band money, will sit in bastille over such infractions admitting they are acceptable to lose their jobs and added blooper into the aeon of acknowledged penalties which facilitates abjection and accident of ancestors ties.

The arrangement doesn’t assume to care. As continued as they are affairs in acquirement for the system, assembly arise absent to abiding impacts on low-income families searching to escape poverty. According to statisticbrain.com, the boilerplate badge administrator in the USA pulls in about $300,000 per year in acquirement from citations. That’s about $6,232,000,000 per year nationally! That’s a lot of acquirement for infractions that could abundantly be forgiven, warned, or overlooked. If I accept a seat-belt ticket, and am affected to pay the accompaniment $50, how does that break any problems? If I cannot allow the ticket, my authorization will be suspended, demography abroad my adeptness to get to and from work, added banishment my ancestors into the bellows of poverty. If I get bent active on a abeyant license, I go jail.

Holding a captive isn’t bargain either. It costs taxpayers about $31,000 per year to feed, clothe, and abode an inmate. That’s about $85 per day, abundant added than the amount of your boilerplate citation. But, the bastille investors, band bondsmen, law makers, government workers and attorneys who accomplish money mitigating these issues don’t affliction about tax-payers or at accident families. They affliction about accumulation margins and accretion administration budgets!

Some may say, “Just chase the law and it will not be a problem!”. We accept to ask ourselves, why does the United States accept the better bastille citizenry in the world? Over 70% of our inmates are non-violent! It’s a money scheme! It costs $500 to accurately accomplish a lemonade angle in America! The boilerplate American commits three misdemeanors and a abomination per day after even acumen it! Literally every inch of American activity has a statute or cipher absorbed to it! If the acknowledged arrangement can’t get you for active a red-light, maybe they can get you for getting a “public nuisance” or for the bonanza on your car getting one inch lower than what statute allows. The added laws we create, the added abyss we actualize by default! It is an careless aftereffect stemming from acceptable intentions; or conceivably it is all advised advisedly to be this way? Or perhaps, the accuracy is about in the middle?

Regardless, this ameliorate accomplishment that the city-limits of Atlanta has made, acknowledgment to so abounding amorous advocates and leaders like Atlanta based advocate Gerald A. Griggs, who championed this effort, is a accustomed change! It is so attenuate for attorneys and politicians to appear calm on account of the poor. If these instances happen, they deserve all of our acclaim and credit! I address Mayor Lance-Bottoms and all of those who fought for the repealment of such ancient band practices.

Sure, if a man is capital for awful battery, murder, rape, robbery, or admirable annexation auto, it makes faculty to put a band affirmation on him/her. Alas, those who are accountable to a band affirmation for petty offenses are alone pieces of affirmation proving what a base arrangement we have. This new change in the law is an accomplished move and I adjure that all cities chase suit! This may assume like a baby victory, but in reality, it can potentially about-face into a huge beachcomber of drive in agreement of bent law reform.

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